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Who We Are

Cleanline Bathrooms provides boutique renovation services to residential properties and has specialised in building bathrooms since 1994.

Darren and Faith are the husband and wife owner/operators, with a highly skilled and qualified team of specialists, and can cover a large range of styles of bathrooms and budgets.

We take the time to understand your requirements from the first meeting, to co-design with you, and we manage the entire renovation project from start to finish.

With our extensive experience in the field and creative background in design, we can create a practical and creative bathroom you will be proud of – making your dream a reality.

To us, the customer is always at the heart of what we do and we treat your home with the upmost respect, including putting down drop sheets, vacuuming and removing rubbish each day, so that we always leave your home tidy and safe for all of your family.

Darren’s unique skills

  • A creative with extensive artistic experience and skills

  • A designer with a strong eye for detail, form, the customer’s needs and creative design solutions

  • A strong and perceptive communicator with the ability to understand the customer and provide creative solutions

  • Extensive hands on building over 25 years working in residential renovation market

  • Experienced project manager with a big network of trades people and a go the extra mile attitude

  • A warm and likeable personality with the ability to get on with anyone

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